ezGEL / ezPRF


ezGEL is a 100% autologous gel obtained by centrifuging whole blood to extract the body’s natural proteins and growth factors, subjected to the cooling and heating processes without any chemical components or other modifications.

By heating plasma, especially HSA (serum albumin), we change its rheological properties. Changing temperature is the most natural way to create an intermolecular bond without using any additives like BDDE for crosslinking.

ezGEL is created by combining heated plasma gel and ezPRF concentrate with a 2:1 ratio.

Advantages of ezGEL compared to other injections

While neuromodulators target dynamic facial wrinkles, most dermal fillers restore lost volume and biostimulators stimulate collagen production, they all contain synthetic materials.
ezGEL combines your body’s platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) with albumin to create a natural filler, free from synthetic ingredients. This makes it safer and more versatile than most injectables because it uses only the patient’s own blood components.

  • 100% natural injectable drug
  • Improves blood flow and tissue regeneration.
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Stable long-term result already after the first procedure
  • Minimal or complete absence of pain
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Lowest risk of allergic reactions

Techniques that open limitless possibilities for the use of autologous blood concentrates.

The patented ezPRF tubes and low-frequency centrifuge settings are designed to create a blood concentrate rich in platelets, white blood cells, and mesenchymal stem cells.