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Cannulas 25G x 38мм, 20 pcs

DermaSculpt blunt-tip, flexible microcannula: Your number one choice for atraumatic filler injections.

It is used for medium and deep fillers with HA and non HA, from medium to deep injections.

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Brands:: DermaSculpt


DermaSculpt microcannula is much safer than using a classical sharp needle. Dermasculpt’s blunt-tip slides under the skin and does not cut through vessels and tissues but rather navigates smoothly through the dermis and Sub-Q layer. Thanks to the Hub marking you know the direction of the opening at all times. More control, more precision, better results.

  • Gauge: 25G
  • Length: 1½” (38 mm)
  • Application: For medium to thick HA and non HA fillers, medium to deep injections
  • Areas: Face, periorbital zone, neck and décolletage
  • Indications:Biorevitalization, contour plastic
  • Packing: Box of 20 Cannulas



  • Can be used for most facial indications;
  • The blunt tip of the microcannula reduces the risk of injury to blood vessels, nerves and muscle fibers (the tip does not cut tissues, but dilutes them);
  • Labeling for additional accuracy: thanks to labeling, you will always know the direction of input;
  • The method excludes the development of hematomas and bruises;
  • The possibility of correcting delicate sensitive areas;
  • Significant reduction or absence of the rehabilitation period;
  • Minimizes the psychological burden on the patient;
  • The product is injected more evenly, the effect of the procedure looks more natural