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Dermyal 24R Hyaluronic Acid Filler, 2*1 ml

Superior filler for medium and deep wrinkles, small scars, and lip enhancement. This monophasic, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid filler, crafted by Laboratoires CosmoScience, provides 24 mg/ml of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate for durable, natural-looking results. Each package includes two ready-to-use 1 ml syringes, designed for safety, comfort, and minimal downtime, allowing you to achieve and maintain your aesthetic goals effortlessly.

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Dermyal 24R represents the pinnacle of dermal filler technology, formulated for effectively treating medium to deep facial lines and enhancing lip volume. This high-performance filler uses monophasic, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, cross-linked with BDDE for durability and consistency. Developed by Laboratoires CosmoScience in Geneva, Dermyal 24R is crafted to deliver results that are both immediate and enduring, seamlessly integrating into the natural texture of your skin.


Key Features:

  • High Concentration: Contains 24 mg/ml of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, ensuring maximum effectiveness in volume and correction.
  • Monophasic and Cross-linked: Provides a uniform, stable gel that maintains its integrity longer for sustained results.
  • Targeted Application: Expertly addresses medium and deep facial wrinkles, small scars, and lip volume enhancements.
  • Lip Enhancement: Specifically designed to provide significant, natural-looking lip augmentation.
  • Packaging: Arrives in a box with two pre-filled 1 ml syringes for immediate application.
  • Safety and Comfort: Engineered for minimal downtime and rare adverse reactions, facilitating a quick return to daily routines.
  • Duration: The effects are long-lasting, typically persisting for 6 to 12 months, varying by treatment area and individual factors.



  • Immediate Volumization: Offers visible improvement instantly after one application.
  • Natural Appearance: Delivers subtle yet effective enhancements that preserve your natural facial expressions.
  • Minimal Disruption: Quick procedure and recovery times allow easy integration into your lifestyle without significant downtime.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy lasting beauty enhancements that sustain your desired aesthetic look over time.


Manufacturer Information:

Laboratoires CosmoScience, a trusted name in medical aesthetics since 1994, continues to lead in the development of safe and innovative noninvasive treatments. Based in Geneva, they specialize in medical cosmetology, mesotherapy, and dermal fillers under their renowned brands including Exfolderm, MesoMedica, and Dermyal.