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EZ2K Kit

The ULTIMATE blood concentrate

The EZ2K Kit is designed to safely and easily collect blood from patients, which is then centrifuged to produce autologous platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). EZ2K kit is a 1 patient kit that contains 2 tubes of 13ml and will yield 3cc to 6cc of Blood Concentrate


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Brands:: EZPRF


It includes*:

  • Blister of 2 EZPRF tubes
  • Blood collector set
  • Disposable tourniquet
  • Female-to-female luer-lock connector
  • 3ml luer-lock syringe (x2)
  • 22G x 2″ sharp collection needle (x2)
  • 27G x 1/2″ sharp needle
  • 30G x 1/2″ sharp needle
  • 25G x 1 1/2″ DermaSculpt microcannula
  • 23G x 1 1/2″ DermaSculpt microcannula

*ezPRF Kits only compatible with the ezMINISPIN Centrifuge

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is the latest and most advanced form of blood concentrate therapy. Unlike traditional Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), PRF is based on a slower and shorter centrifugation process to optimize cell concentration and vitality, resulting in more cells, including the most dynamic platelets, leucocytes, and Mesenchymal Stem Cells! ezPRF is designed to produce 100% Autologous Platelet-Rich Fibrin using the most advanced technology.


4 EZ steps:

  1. Blood draw.
  2. Prepare the Albumin-Rich Plasma using the ezMINISPIN centrifuge and the ezHEAT device.
  3. Prepare the ezPRF Platelet-Rich Fibrin using the ezMINISPIN centrifuge and ezCOOL device
  4. Prepare ezGEL by mixing Albumin-Rich Plasma with ezPRF


The ezMINISPIN is the smallest centrifuge on the market capable of hosting up to 6 x 13 ml test tubes. It has been pre-configured with our two customized ezPRF settings to help you achieve maximum results during your PRF protocol. The slow centrifugation and wider angle results in the preservation of the cells’ vitality. Its digital controls allow speed and time to be adjusted with the touch of a finger. Our centrifuge interface is made to be EZ to use.




The ezCOOL is used to cool the liquid plasma layer after centrifugation. Improving the performance of platelet-rich fibrin using the ezCOOL device. Cooling the blood after centrifugation improved the performance of liquid plasma by 270%.