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J-Peel Delicate, 100 ml

J-Peel Delicate contains salicylic acid which is a lipophilic beta-hydroxyl acid, that has keratolytic and comedolytic effects.

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What You Should Know
J-Peel Delicate originates from Jessner’ s solution formula. J-Peel Delicate reduces fine lines, shallow wrinkles, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. The peel stimulates dermal collagen as well as the synthesis of elastin and glycosaminoglycan.

How To Use
1. Cleanse the skin.
2. Prepare the skin by applying Noon Pre-Peel on a cotton pad and gently rub evenly over the entire treatment area. Allow areas to dry.
3. Pour 3ml of NOON J-Peel Delicate into a cup. Dip the supplied rayon applicator into the peel formula until saturation. Prevent dripping by rolling the applicator against the side of the cup to reduce excess solution. Apply the peel formula evenly to all areas that were treated with NOON Pre-Peel, beginning with the forehead and outer areas of the face and working towards the central portion of the face.
If one layer is applied, the treatment can be repeated every 2-3 weeks.
If 2-3 layers are  applied, the treatment can be repeated every 4-5 weeks.
No more than 3 layers are to be used on skin phototype Fitzpatric V or VI

Pro tips
For the most effective results we recommend a series of 4-6 peels in which each peel is performed every two weeks.

Additional notes
Sunburn Alert. This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA) that may increase your skin’ s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Key Ingredients
Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Dermshield

Ethanol, Lactic Acid, Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Leaf Extract (Salicylic Acid), Citric Acid, Aqua, Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate, Dimethyl Sulfone, Dimethyl Isosorbide