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Expertise for Skincare Professionals

ProSkin B2B Advisor is your premier AI-driven partner, designed exclusively for skincare professionals at clinics, dermatology offices, and wellness spas partnered with Allure Beauty. This intuitive and interactive platform grants seamless access to Allure Beauty’s extensive knowledge base, including detailed catalogs, specific brand information, treatment options, and comprehensive product characteristics. Equipped with our responsive AI avatar, ProSkin Advisor communicates fluently in multiple languages, providing precise answers and valuable insights to enhance your professional practice.

  • Multilingual AI Avatar: Engage with an intelligent avatar capable of understanding and responding in various languages, ensuring clear and effective communication across diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Interactive Access to Information: Navigate through Allure Beauty’s extensive database with an interactive, user-friendly interface that simplifies complex data retrieval.
  • Comprehensive Resource Hub: Explore in-depth content about Allure Beauty’s skincare brands, their pioneering treatments, and product details to empower your treatment decisions.


  1. Ask Questions: Utilize the interactive AI avatar to ask any question you have about Allure Beauty’s brands, products, or treatments. 
  2. Receive Information: The AI will instantly retrieve precise information from Allure Beauty’s comprehensive knowledge base, allowing you to access data on-demand.
  3. Review and Analyze: Assess the information provided by the AI to make informed decisions about treatment plans and product recommendations.

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AI Assistance: Our service utilize artificial intelligence to analyze data and generate insights. As an aid, they should be used in conjunction with professional healthcare advice. While we continually update and refine our AI models, the recommendations provided are based on the data available at the time and may evolve.

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