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PrimEYES, 5×3 ml

MM PRIMEHAIR is a sterile medical device for intradermal injections, class III, made in conformity with Directive 93/42/CEE.

PrimEYES: The Eyes Rejuvenating Solution

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Brands:: MesoMedica


The treatment focus of MesoMedica PrimEyes includes the skin around the eyes, as it is particularly susceptible to signs of ageing and the first wrinkles due to its sensitive nature, such as the lack of fatty tissue and only a few sebaceous glands. Due to the strong moisture-binding properties of hyaluronic acid, MesoMedica PrimEyes can also be used to increase volume when the tissue around the eyes has lost volume. But this product is also particularly suitable if the skin around the eyes shows clear signs of photoaging and ideal for improving the contours of the eyes.

Dermal implant for treatment of skin photo ageing and its consequences or skin atrophy especially of the area around the eyes.

Vials containing 3 mL (0,10 fl Oz.); boxes of 5 vials.


• Injected into dermis using a 32G x 4mm mesoneedle.
• Very superficial protocol, including the temporal area and
injecting a very little quantity at each point in order to limit
frequent bruising and possible stinging sensations on this very sensitive area.
• A maximum of 0,75 mL is sufficient for each side.
• One session every week for 4 to 6 weeks.
• Then, one session/month, for 4 to 6 months.

Methods of injection:
• Simple multipuncture (recommended)
• Automated techniques for injections like mesotherapy
guns may also be used.


• Area around the eyes, up to temporal area
• Bags under the eyes, circles, dark circles


Sodium Hyaluronate is a strong moisturizer and volumizer.
Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Antioxidant neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, boosts collagen production, evens skin tone and has antimicrobial benefits.
Troxerutin is a type of flavonoid derived from rutin. It is a hydroxyethylrutoside isolated from the Japanese pagoda tree and used as a vasoprotective.
Coumarin: photoprotective properties
Resveratrox: derived from the grapes (resveratrol oligomers). Resveratrol is most often sourced from red grapes but also present in berries, pomegranates and peanuts. It fights free-radical damage with its antioxidant power.
Ginkgo EF is both a vasodilator and an antioxidant and, as such, is often used for the treatment of poor circulation. Two of the forty components found in Gingko – terpenoids and flavonoids – increase blood flow and reduce the build-up of harmful free radicals in the body. Terpenoids have a vasodilatory effect and prevent blood platelets from becoming stuck. Flavonoids are antioxidants which have been shown to protect the heart, blood vessels and nerves in laboratory testing.


Sodium Hyaluronate 15 mg / 3 mL
Protective buffer 81,90 mg / 3 mL